Commentary on faith & politics committed to the truth in Jesus Christ and in all things around us. America once loved God but has become a land fallen, in love with money.Our politicians sellout votes for money, for favor to the rich. The Religious Right embrace mammon's ideology and glorify nationalism equating politics with faith, so "of the nation" instead of just "in the nation". The Religious Left cling to the nobel cause but decline the cure so afraid of a real internal personal relationship with the heavenly Father that yearns so very much to be close to them. As it is both Right and Left are so bereft of real introspection. Pray we all have the courage to stand up for what is right in one of the toughest places to do so - our in-group. A change is coming.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Venezuela and More U.S. Hypocrisy in Other Countries

Sometimes supporting the pursuit of justice is more important than idealogical differences. If we do not learn to understand this we will not win the hearts of those in struggling countries, to our creed or to our faith.
Let the Venezuelans do what is best for all Venezuelans. The United States should do all it can to see living conditions for the 80% poor majority improve. If our benefit from Venezuela means maintaining that disparity then our nation is indeed in danger of reaping what we sow. If this practice has been a part of our past history involving other developing nations then it is no wonder the seeds of resentment and hate have taken such a firm hold against the U.S.
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