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Sunday, February 02, 2003

State of the Church-Rationalizing for War

The last church mentioned in the book of Revelation is Laodicea and likely represents the church just before the end. The church in America is reminisient of Laodicea, in fact sometimes the church in America makes Laodicea look like a hotbed of activist upheaval.
Complacency is the trait of Laodicea and so it surely is in America. Complacency begats comfortability and an inabilitiy to stand up for what you believe and when one is complacent it is difficult to stand out. It is very comfortable to be going along to get along with others and especially within your in-group. It takes strength to withstand rejection or persecution.

The Spirit-filled church must feel it stands out enough already with speaking in tongues and finds it very difficult to stand out even more than they do already. Taking a stand against war is more social rejection than it can stand so it capitulates. It is a fear that they will be seen more irrational than they believe they already are now because of speaking in tongues and certain gifts of the Spirit. In other words they fear being marginalized by the government and society but if only they would stand up for the Truth they would overcome any social stigma and God would hold them up, with their fear defeated, and even raise their integrity in the eyes of the world.
The lack of strength to do this is the fruit of complacency. It does not matter how strange you may appear in doing the right thing what matters is you do it and God will take care of the rest.

The truth is Christians should have nothing to do with supporting bringing death and destruction down upon others. Does not even the nature of the teachings of Jesus Christ teach you this. Was Paul ever used by God to rearm himself with warriors and defend all Christians and forcefully spread the gospel. It is said in the Spirit-filled church that ways have not changed since the time of the disciples of Jesus such as the Spirit-filling, gifts and speaking in tongues. The Baptists and some others say today is not the same as it was with the disciples back then. The Spirit-filled Church disagrees with the Baptists but do they truly believe this. Some Spirit-filled churches along with the Baptists would support war.
When the Holy Spirit dwelt in the ark of the covenant the Israelites marched against their enemies as they fell before them. If God did this by dwelling in the ark how much more so could the disciples have taken up the sword with the Holy Spirit dwelling in their very bodies and marched on and conquered the whole world, as it fell before them to reign under Christ. They did not and today we should not.

The Spirit-filled church is right, Jesus is the same yesterday and today with regard to His disciples use of spiritual gifts and their refusal to use violence or war. They stood up for the Love of God and His teachings even to their very deaths and it changed the world as His Son overcame the world. The impetus of that need not have waned and what could have been needs to be.

We should not lower the standard because we find it difficult to live by whether the difficulty be from social persecution or physical threat.
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