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Friday, October 18, 2013

Exposure Of NSA Domestic Surveillance and The Bogus Apoplectic Rebirth Of Al-Qaeda

Did you really fall for it? How embarrassing for us and all the nation when our own media fully and completely did the bidding of the establishment by alarmingly re-birthing Al-qaeda in the direct face of intense scrutiny over the NSA's spying on all of our phone calls, emails and communications. Just as the U.S. Congress was bearing down on NSA domestic spy activity and particular incriminating evidence against the NSA was coming to light the Obama administration and the media began the sudden apoplectic onslaught of terrible alarming reports about how horrible and prevalent Al-qaeda was. Suddenly Al-qaeda was horrible and terrible and everywhere so everyone look out, LOOK OUT!

If our media and government surveillance agencies have anything else to learn from George Orwell's 1984 I would certainly like to know what it is. They performed so obviously and so perfectly. The government/media reaction to the exposure of NSA surveillance could not have been more perfectly timed orwellian. On virtually all the media outlets the reaction was alarming and blaringly announced almost as if in some cases we were under direct attack from enemies approaching our shorelines. No one was better than this than Martha Raddatz on ABC reports. If there ever was a queen of alarming orwellian progaganda she was it, front and center and in your face so obviously attempting to create fear in the public. I fully remember how ridiculous the cheerleading into the Iraq war was but this media alarmist warning in June this summer at it's focal point really takes the cake.

In simple terms it was an attempt to ward off concern over the NSA's surveillance of all our communications and if you believe otherwise you probably deserve to be fooled, tricked, ripped off and screwed out of anything and everything you got.  Why?

Because only a month earlier and in fact for the last 3 years we have been hearing only about how defeated al-Qaeda is. Obama has proclaimed proudly and loudly on too many occasions to mention that al-qaeda is decimated and on the way to defeat. The administration has told us that the terrorists are no longer the threat they were. Up to the moment that Edward Snowden was leaking the most serious of documents and the Congress was working to impinge NSA domestic surveillence al-aqaeda was decimated and on the way to defeat.
Article on Al-qaeda's shattered defeat one month before Edward Snowden came out.

Numerous media outlets claimed the militant Islamist group had been virtually decimated following more than a decade of relentless pursuit by Washington and "so extensive is al-Qaeda’s operational devastation US intelligence agencies can no longer discern any meaningful operational structure at the group’s core."
And then all of a sudden Al-qaeda is breathing fire and brimstone down our throats. Raddatz and numerous other media types were telling us the sky was falling and look out, run for you lives, it's Al-qaeda! Orwell would have even blushed as he slipped Emmanuel Goldstein back into the proverbial box of milquetoast ideas.

And so as the government kept throwing up the "al-qaeda is back" balls for the media to hit, the fervor over NSA domestic surveillance began to subside. The few media outlets still pushing it came to a halt and of course the congressmen ever fearful of the Herman Goering factor began shutting their mouths as the Orwellian suppression of the truth took full hold and of course now the story has been pushed out of coverage by the budget impasse but I say "has been".

One thing I must say is that the government's need to spy on all of us, all of our phone calls, e-mails and communication is of the upmost importance to it. The disturbing thing is that all of this is so irrational next to the truth and the truth is that you have a much greater chance of being killed in hundreds of every day events than you do in a terrorist attack but would you or have you ever condoned curtailing the Bill Of Rights, Habeus Corpus or setting up a surveillence state because of one of those everyday events that has a much much greater chance of harming you than a terrorist attack. No, of course not. So what are you doing? What in the world are we doing? What is our government doing? Before 9-11 all we needed was the heightened alert. Our government ignored the warnings so all we needed was to take it seriously and 9-11 is averted.

The surveillance state being set up in the U.S. is not necessary in any event. It doesn't make sense and things that do not make sense become vulnerable to ulterior motives. This whole thing needs to be blown up and looked at so that the people know what their sacrifice is for. Questions must be asked-

-Are the inevitable following steps in the process of globalization going to lead to serious turmoil in America in which the ruling establishment believes there will need to be the structure of a police state in place in order for the nation to survive? Is this what globalization projects?

-Do we as has been aluded to by others in international high places have too much democracy in order for globalization to proceed and is something going to be done about it?

-Are the dangers of cyberwar so pervasive that in order for us to survive, the government must be able to scan every bit of communication in every place and is this where the real action is? Is this the hard cold truth the establishment believes about the nation until globalization yields a relatively democratic and fully capitalistic world?

Again you have a much greater chance of being killed in hundreds of everyday events such as an auto accident, an airplace crash or an incident with a policeman than you do by a terrorist incident but do you now or have you ever been willing to suspend the Bill of Rights, Habeus Corpus and allow surveillance of all of our communications because of any of those? No, you haven't so how can our own government that belongs to you set up a national surveillence state because of a terrorism that has been characterized as having no meaningful operational structure at it's core?

The questions will and should persist until we do something about it so let's do something about it.

A window of opportunity now exists to get scrutiny of the NSA and what is going on in this nation back in the headlights. Let's get movin'.

Start this Saturday Oct. 26 at the U.S. Capitol - Stop Watching Us - A Rally Against Mass Surveillance

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