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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Applying The 1977 Prophetic Vision's Oakland Raider Comeback Year To 2019

After several years here we are at a possible moment when part of the 1977 Vision's sports element could be close to taking place. So what could happen relative to the Oakland Raiders comeback year scenario as it stands now? 
In the year this occurs the NFL football season is tentatively cancelled but is resumed and in the 1977 prophetic vision it is noted the Raiders are very glad it is because they are making their comeback. As it is now we should be able to narrow things down somewhat because for the vision to mention that the Raiders are very glad the season is resumed they must be at a point where they see themselves clearly on a comeback trail with prospects for making the playoffs in view. The team is 6-4 and improved over as it is now at least last year's 4-12 record but the proof will be in the won-loss record and their ensuing chance to make it into the post-season.

What we are trying to nail down now is the approximate time of the decision or event that precipitates the initial cancellation of the NFL season. On tap here is something I just discovered and that is the NFLPA is advising players to plan for a possible one year “strike” as the present agreement expires in 2020. Wow! That would mean a possible strike next year or in 2021 the year after but look at that, “expires in 2020”. That’s just another point for things coming together in and around 2020 but that could end up being unrelated to a cancellation as some other event could intervene. In the fall of one of these years there is a debilitating national crisis and the timing of that makes it something to keep on tap however several events could be the cause of the NFL season tentative cancellation. One note here: I have still been unable to recall with certainty the exact sequence of certain parts of the vision but it always seemed like the vision's election and political events could precede some of the sports events and if so I'm comfortable with that. However if everything in the latter part of the vision gets jammed into the same year then that's where we go.

Now back to the timing. At 6-4 the Raiders and most teams would like to keep on playing but what would give the Raiders extra incentive and what would the situation have to look like. In the vision the Raiders are in their comeback year and they are very glad the season is resumed so what would make them very glad it’s resumed? The team surely must have a winning record and be far enough along to have realistic hopes of getting into the playoffs and 6-4 is a reasonable point of having hopes of getting into the playoffs. Here is where we can try to narrow down the time of this decision to cancel the season. I would draw the line at about this 6-4 record as being a point where the Raiders could be feeling good about making the playoffs. It seems unlikely a season would be cancelled once the teams actually get into the playoffs, that is, if it’s related to a players strike so with that assumption all we need to do is look at the time the NFL playoffs begin and that is in the first week of January, 2020.

Now looking beyond an NFLPA players strike an extraordinary event could occur then  anywhere between around mid-November and probably the early playoffs. I say this because I think the vision in this scenario would have noted that the Raiders were on the verge of the AFC title game or Superbowl so it looks most likely the event or decision that tentatively cancels the NFL Football season occurs between mid-November and early January.

One note here. There is some case for leaning toward more practical reasons for events occurring because it seems that is the way it is with many revelations, prophecies and visions and I suspect it will be that way even with some of the events in the Book Of Revelation. As the time approaches you begin to see that the apparent original fantastic nature of the vision is no longer that fantastic come the present time. I have to expect that events with this vision could also be this way and to some extent it seems that way with the cyber-war although the possible disastrous consequences are still ever present. 

With the subject here it may end up that the cancellation of the NFL Football season is simply related to a players strike occurring in 2021 but we will see. Most interesting that would have to be a comeback year as well.

A lot could come together in 2020 and could, as it unfolds, tie into all this written here. There is an earthquake in the bay area that damages a stadium but the stadium is repaired in time for the originally schedule game. There is an election where a politician dies around that time, the election is delayed and there is a serious national crisis where it is eventually said later in the summer that things are back to business as usual but it is a deception and the nation is not the same. I should note here that cyber-war is prominent in the vision around the time of the national crisis and yes, back in 1977 we were using the term cyber-war. Wild huh?

In ensuing posts I want to elaborate on some of these events above and how they can apply in the ongoing situation of the nation. I believe that as the events from the vision develop we should see real time evidence of them. Engaging in this sports aspect of the vision seems tenuous as a seemingly larger crisis looms but it must have some purpose to it all. The national crisis must be looked at next.
As I have said before in the previous articles, prayer may avert or may have averted much of the bad and we must pray that is the case. If there is any other purpose for this vision than to warn of the bad so that it can be avoided or to glorify the Lord I’m not sure what it is.

There’s a reason for all this finally coming back to remembrance. I pray it fulfills it’s purpose.

To get a comprehensive overview of the 1977 Prophetic Vision scroll down in the Blog Archive on the right panel to the articles in the fall of 2016.

**UPDATE** Dec. 2, 2019
So the Raiders have lost the last two games putting themselves at 6-6. The vision say's that the Raiders will have a hard fought season and barely make the playoffs and so that is becoming highly apparent at this time. The team will have to win the last 4 games or at least 3 of the last 4. Teams sometimes make the playoffs at 9-7 and almost always do at 10 -6. I have to say that at 6-6 the Raiders may not feel so bad about a season being cancelled especially after losing the last two games but if they win the next two then that flips and we are back where we were. It also means that an "event", or more accurately the tentative decision to cancel the season may not likely happen until they are in that winning position so the window is slightly narrowed as we go forward. Got to remember that 2020 is less than a month away and this season has been the supposed highly touted Gruden/Raider comeback year.

**UPDATE** Dec. 16, 2019
The Raiders have lost the last two games and I thought from a distance that two more loses would surely do it but with the Steelers loss last night, voila, a thread we hang on. What are the odds that a next comeback year would end up with the team barely making the playoffs? No doubt it could happen. How interesting.

**UPDATE** Dec. 31, 2019
The 2% chance thread that the Raiders were hanging on that actually incredibly turned into a thin rope after everything went Oakland's way last week has now broke. The team lost Sunday so it didn't matter what else other teams did. As it is the Raiders end up with a losing record of 7 -9 and although the media had declared and pushed this as their comeback year the team does have to follow through with an actual comeback. They did not so this should not be their actual comeback year. They did come close however and if everything had gone their way this weekend as the weekend before it would have given new meaning to "barely making the playoffs". It would have been a miracle.
With that I'm trying to remember if in any way there could have been a different media declared comeback year and an actual comeback year in the 1977 vision and if a media comeback year could still be relevant. Any cancellation now of the season isn't relevant but it's not impossible, thanks to my less than pristine memory, that it could be tied to the initial national crisis event so there needs to be prayer about this and also this could even be the year of the S.F. earthquake with the damaged stadium since, as you may recall, I was not absolutely sure the Raiders had to be involved in the stadium event or what year it occurred. For that matter any isolated event not tied to other events such as a second Korean War could materialize almost anytime but beyond that we are on to next year, 2020.
That's where we wake up tomorrow so here we go.

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