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Thursday, January 09, 2020

Trump Impeachment Now Imperative - Wag The Dog On Top Of Everything Else?

What I want to see is continuing heightened national dialogue over Trump's impeachment and his attempt to distract the nation's attention from that to a "war" in Iran. Put a possible conflict with Iran on the news back burner well behind impeachment. That is what the occupant of the oval office richly deserves.

Donald Trump withheld arms from Ukraine in order to help himself, his election campaign and here now unbelievably yet not unbelievably orders a strike on a government official, albeit a general in the Iranian Revolutionary army, that he full well knew would blow up the entire region and cause a severe Iranian government reaction just before what?



But if a seriously escalating conflict in the middle east drums up the usual historical support for a president that freezes all efforts to remove him from office he wins and that is all that matters to Trump, Ukrainian vulnerability to Russia or middle east war be damned. The man is a black hole of ego focus on the Trump ME, a big spoiled brat with a loud mouth. Sometimes can you even believe we are here? 

Because of General Soleimani's past behavior he is considered a terrorist and essentially a threat for years. Past presidents Bush and Obama have considered taking him out for that reason but wisely avoided him because it is a grave and unnecessary inciting move due to the governmental ties. Taking out Soleimani was clearly the dumbest thing you could do, that is, unless you wanted to start a war.

So where is the evidence of the imminent threat of General Soleimani? Nowhere. There has been no credible evidence offered for carrying out this assassination at this time and you know that with so much on the line evidence would have been put out there by now if it was real. The only imminent threat out there as of now is the imminent threat to Trump's presidency courtesy of the impending Senate impeachment trial. Yesterday there was a military briefing with congressmen and the Trump administration and two prominent Republican Senators came storming out of it with Mike Lee, a strong conservative Republican and Christian, declaring it was a sham and the worst briefing he has ever witnessed with questions and debate relative to the "imminent" threat suppressed by the administration. Rarely do you see Senator Lee this upset.

With yesterday's almost miraculous outcome of Iranian ballistic missiles landing on military bases  killing nor even harming anyone we must be thankful and thankful that Trump didn't get a good reason to start a war. I full well believe he did not get to do something worse because at some point military leaders "weigh in". With Trump's dumb obvious "have to do what he's told" monotone delivery when he's not really into it style you know he didn't get his way and you know this is how he telegraphs his base he would have rather stirred up some more tough distraction dirt.
He gets credit for this tentative peaceful resolution in certain quarters but we also have to be smarter than that don't we.
I'am very thankful to the Lord yesterday turned out as it did and be sure it was an answer to many prayers. It is almost surreal that it turned out almost as well as it could have and that clearer heads in both governments prevailed. None of that is lost on this one but we, as I said before have to be smart here and realize what happened and what was originally intended.

The only thing left for Trump out of this is to pose as the good guy out of a crisis of his own selfish creation to get public favor immediately preceding his Senate impeachment trial. Trump and his administration are selling but I'm not buying and hopefully you aren't either. We still have a brain right?

What I want to hear now is the tying in of Trump's Ukraine self-serving with Trump's self-serving assassination of this Iranian General. Again this president is a black hole of ego focus on the Trump ME and as it has been clearly pointed out before and as you can see before you here and now impeachment is more imperative than ever before. That he would pull the "wag the dog" lever right now, right now at this time should be the last straw. Get the dog out of here. Get him out of here cause he is risking death and destruction on thousands as he uses us all to preserve and exalt himself.

Like DeNiro said he needs to be seriously humbled so that he doesn't have such a big ego to protect.

Should have been done long ago. 

One more thing: We should think and meditate on what happened Wednesday. This was a gift. One side was robbed of a reason to retaliate. It would have been so easy for men to have tripped over a gnat and gone the way of raining death and destruction down on so many innocents but 22 ballistic missles fired into active military bases did not harm even one person. Even if one thinks this was choreographed it would be no small feat. Maybe something happened yesterday that will change the future for the better. It can be changed and it has been changed. Let's work on that. 

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