As in the song "Lawyers In Love" we have a land, a nation with too many in high places willing to do anything for money neglecting people, honor and principle but a change is coming. No more falling for the lie of living only individualistic and independent lives leaving us divided and conquerable by powerful special interests but a people, a nation collaborating for the greater common good in various groups all across the nation. A land of people working together to help one another with a vision moreover as Jesus would have us be. Love, Mercy, Forgiveness, Kindness....something about another Land. The change is coming

Wednesday, April 12, 2000

Republican Party Claims Integrity?

GOP Claims Integrity? You mean the integrity of trying to tear a President down by prying into his private life and attacking him on personal issues because they can no longer beat him face to face on the issues of the national debate. Or maybe the integrity of selling off their "moral majority" "focus on the family" values along with their childrens health for big tobacco campaign money taking millions of dollars and supporting the companies that have intentionally lured young children into smoking because they cannot resist the temptation of tobacco money even for the greater principal of protecting innocent children from an addictive and cancerous drug of which you often see them look down on. Or perhaps you mean the integrity of talking patriotism in their fervent speeches and waving their flags while they stand in the way, oppose and do every thing they can to drag their feet on the motor voter bill that would allow more access and broader participation of all our American citizens, only why?, because their party doesn't appeal to a majority of americans and they were scared to death if all of them should decide to vote. Even with only half of Americans voting, republican's consider their monied interests were more important than the fundmental principles of this country. Or maybe even more the constant opposition to campaign finance reform because it includes removing the influence of big corporate softmoney from the political process. Congressman constantly find themselves beholding to these large corporate contributions and the Republicans want to keep it that way because it is their responsibility to keep the issues tipped in the favor of the rich and powerful. They could at least live up to some of their patriotic banter and return the american peoples confidence back to the political process but they know that would probably bring alot of people back in to the voting process and since the Republicans know they don't represent the majority of the people they have no interest in that. Not even the larger patriotic issue of integrity in government can divorce them of their "affair" with the corporate elite. The love of money will corrupt a soul and the Republicans have become a prime example of that. CHARACTER? INTEGRITY? LOL!!! Try truly getting closer to the God you Republicans often exploit and maybe a little backbone and inner constitution will result.

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