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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Palin Shrouding Reveals Unpreparedness

Sarah Palin ready for the presidency? Since the convention McCain, Obama, and Biden have all taken questions from the press and have appeared on radio and T.V. talk shows, all that is, except Palin. Why? She is being restricted from the public and crash coached by the republicans to meet the challenge of appearing she knows the answers to questions. Questions she should have known the answers to and weighed the right and wrong of many times to even be considered a legitimate vice-president. Imagine picking a candidate for any other reason than being prepared. The whole thing is a glaring farce. She doesn't even know enough to answer questions correctly let alone know enough to be ready for a challenge to the presidency itself. That should say it all. I mean, what do you think is going on here, Glamour Shot prep.?

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David Wilson said...

yeah, this internet thing is a friend maybe, but a false one, life, such as it is, keeps to the streets and the private shadows

thanks for your interest, appreciated, be well.

(I have found a church and have been invited to join the choir which I will do tomorrow night, God willing)