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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Americans Favor Public Option! - 76% to 24%

Don't listen to the obstructionist politicians in the pocket of drug and insurance companies or the close minded right wing political ideologues. Listen to the American people. They clearly favor Obama's public health insurance option! In June before all the negative brouhaha began Americans favored the public option 62% to 33%. In August during the townhall furor and the barage of negative publicity they still favored the public option 52% to 46% but now in the middle of September they are returning to clearly favoring the public option 55% to 42%.
If you add the stipulation that the public option is only for those who cannot afford insurance otherwise, which is what it is actually about anyway, 76% to 24% of Americans favor the public option, yes, 76 to 24. When Americans correctly understand Obama's public option they overwhelmingly support it.
Here are the poll results to back this up - - go to specific questions on the public option-

Any notion that congress should drop the public option is then an outrage and an affront to the will of the American public. You have a few blowhard rightwing stooges and extremist ideologues stealing the stage for the rest of America that by a clear majority want the public option so it is not true that congress fears the will of the people as you have heard. They use that as an excuse for being in the pocket of drug and insurance companies that want no competition from public insurance but it is a few townhall crying rightwing extremists giving cover to congressmen. It is a few rightwing extremists out on the streets cloking the view of others down the streets, in your neighborhoods and all around that truly favor the christian social justice of a public health insurance option for the poor. In all this pray that the truth will come out in the open of the media and then proceed to make your voice known.
Wanting the public option is the christian thing to do if you care about others, others without health insurance. It is when you live your faith and love others as yourself. It is when you put your christian money where your mouth is. For the rightwing christians it is when you put people over a little economic fluctuation. It is time to get with it.

By 76% to 24% Americans favor the public option!


David Wilson said...

"Wanting the public option is the christian thing to do ..." I might have capitalized 'christian'

just messin' with ya' :-) I watched Obama's speech to Congress, he's the man!

it has always seemed to me that insurance plays to the worst side of human character, natural then that insurance companies would consistently operate in a fundamentally dishonest and self-serving way - and they do

the greed-heads were given a strong warning when Wall Street imploded, but they seem not to have heeded it

interesting that one of their 'recovery' notions plays on bundling insurance derivatives (Google Kathleen Tillwitz for more on this topic)

be well.

Robert said...


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