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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Deficit Now If Gore Had Been Elected In 2000

So what would have been the difference in the budget if Gore had been elected instead of Bush?
With Gore elected in the year 2000 there would have been no 700 billion tax cut for the very rich(those making over 200,000 annually) in which experts have shown did very little to stimulate the economy.
Because Gore believed in a stronger regulatory government than his predecesor Clinton, the economic disaster of 2008 would have been avoided saving the country another 700 billion from the first TARP bailout but also another 800 billion from the second bailout not counting the billions that would not have been lost because of the overall economic collapse.

Because Gore and his cabinet would have believed in the competent use of government the entire federal government would have been staffed with the best available people working together to make government work as well as possible (a game changing ideological difference from the Bush administration) and with all avenues of communication working together the terrorists that carried out the 9-11 attack would likely have been detected and foiled. Experts have testified that with just a little more cooperation between the FBI and CIA we should have avoided 9-11. And before considering the billions we spent recovering from this disaster here consider another 700 billion we would have not spent in Iraq and the billions we would have not spent in Afghanistan. Would there have been some kind of successful terroist attack?, perhaps but Gore would have garnered and cultivated the goodwill of the world multi-laterally together into any venture in Afghanistan thereby sharing the financial burden.
So you are looking at a clear savings of well over 3 trillion dollars(even without considering the billions in extenuating losses from the economic collapse) and that means a surplus instead of a deficit or more correctly a big surplus instead of a big deficit.
Thats right people, the reason we are where we are is because of the incompetence of the Bush administration, the Republican congress and it's rightwing ideology which has proven unwise to reckless to catastrophic. Their ideology that promotes staffing key government departments from bank regulators to FEMA directors with apathetic anti-government ideologues has yielded it's disastrous results.

Now if that is what you want to do, go back to that kind of government then you need some serious psychological counseling or treatment for amnesia. Bush and the Repubs devastated this nation but we can make this a much better country if we stay the course we are on and fulfill the healing we have began. There will come a time for balance from the right but there is too much to be corrected before we can do that. A collapsed economy with every major bank going down the tubes is not something you heal in just a year or two but surely we have learned something about scurrilous servitude to unbridled market greed and lack of regulation.

Being smarter in 2000 would have us with a healthy surplus right now not to mention the new health care plan and other programs easily paid for upfront. Don't be afraid, be smart.

--- over 3 trillion smarter
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