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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Do Solar Flares Temporarily Affect Temperatures

There are two problems with the possible full truth getting out on this one. First, if it is true it is a scary proposition and the last thing anyone in authority wants is being responsible for causing mass chaos and fear of a real "Knowing". Next is the downward pressure from scientists trying to salvage their progress with the public on Global warming. Of course the rightwing would irresponsibly use this to try to debunk the idea that global warming is primarily influenced by man and so many scientists will probably try to resist venturing into this theory until more short term gains are made in reducing CO2 emissions. I mean solar flares are not going to stop and they up to this time have not caused a catastrophe so why should scientists give man's selfish nature an out.

But this is not about longterm effects, it is about the short-term effect of solar flares.
The reason i even write about this is because we have had many unseasonal heatwaves in recent years and on many of those occasions a large solar flare, directed toward earth, has preceded them. I don't need to tell you this, you should of course be aware but are we connecting the dots.

Frankly the incredelousness out there is unbelievable. For instance the concern about using planes to "bomb" targets in the U.S. was a discussed possiblity among my fellow associates but when that actually occured the reaction from the establishment, the government, whatever was "wow we never thought any thing like that could ever occur". The point being made of course is that authorities cannot always be trusted to be honest or perhaps even responsibly perceptive when it comes to our protection. I know they must be connecting the dots but letting the rest of us in on it is another story as recent history fully reinforces and their public disinterest over this should not define our concern about it. Maybe all these heatwaves preceded by solar flares are just coincidences but I wonder if you or anyone else really believes that and I cannot say that all of the major solar flares have seemingly preceded heatwaves but a significant number have. In the last 10 years this has really ramped up and I wish I would have recorded these dates but I really didn't expect such blantant disregard of this phenomenon. I mean it's like they really don't want to give this theory any legs.

Here is something to help visualize the effect of coronal mass ejections or solar flares on earth including an actual image from the The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory satelitte:

Ok, visualize a tennis ball on the goal line of your typical football field. 6.5 yards away is the earth as a speck. Now the size of the earth in this scale is very small but it's size is really irrelevant, what is important is the size of the sun and the distance to earth. Now using the image below from the The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory satelite imagine the tennis ball ejecting this material as you see in the image towards earth 6.5 yards away remembering this is approximate size and distance to scale. The material ejected by the sun is around temperatures of several million degrees and the space it travels through quite frigid, as in - 270 degrees Celsius, or -455 Fahrenheit frigid however we are talking about millions of degrees being reduced to no temperature effect on earth, that is, according to authorities.

Now in the image you see the coronal mass ejection or solar flare flinging out and seemingly spreading out. What if the coronal material is ejected in a more linear compact trajectory? In that form if general physics prevails it should maintain it's temperature longer on it's way to earth giving us perhaps a little more heat.

Just some thoughts in this most active 11th year of the 11 year solar flare cycle.

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