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Monday, August 27, 2012

Republican's Botched Handling Of Katrina Not To Be Forgotten - GOD

This is what the Republicans were worried about when Hurricane Gustav struck New Orleans during the week of the 2008 Republican convention, that it would remind people of the botched handling of Hurricane Katrina which exposed much of the Republicans nefarious ideology of weaking government agencies to shrink government. It also exposed the Republican elitist attitude toward those of lesser status and income levels but especially minorities. The nation was convinced that had these victims been well to do there would have been a major knee jerk response of assistance but the fact that so many in the hard hit areas of New Orleans was poor or black the reaction by the Republicans was unenthusiastic.

Well here it is again, another massive hurricane coming during the week of the 2012 Republican convention in Tampa, Florida heading straight for New Orleans that not only reminds people of the Republicans arrogant, callous and botched handling of Katrina but is directly impacting the GOP convention in Tampa by canceling the day when Romney is to be nominated shortening the convention from 4 to 3 days. Hurricane Isaac as it will be known was in fact directly on course for Tampa but is veering onto New Orleans as Gustav did during the 2008 Republican convention.

Consider that in the first place a hurricane doesn't have to come along now at all during the Republican convention. If it does it could go anywhere up north along the eastcoast as they often do. It could strike anywhere in the Gulf of Mexico from Florida to Texas or the Mexican coast. It could go along west on the southern route on through Mexico and into the Pacific Ocean or it could meander around in the Gulf for another week but it 's not. It's going directly to New Orleans from Tampa on the exact 7th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina in the middle of the Republican convention to slowly meander around until the convention is over.

With Isaac's original target of Tampa and the Republican convention it is as if God is first pointing to the people responsible for Hurricane Katrina's botched handling then sending it onto New Orleans to make the point. Not big enough to cause Katrina's devastation but enough once again to divert the nations focus from the opulent lies of a Republican convention and onto reminding and warning a nation close to making a critical mistake of re-adopting the Republicans anti-government ideology and its policies that gave us the Katrina debacle not to mention the full collapse of our banking system and economy.

Just as the biblical Isaac involved being obedient to God this is a warning to be obedient to God, obedience in considering the plight of the poor over the needs of the rich and certainly admonishment about the Republicans canard of trickle down economics-of which God is not fooled, servitude to the rich and a market idolizing ideology which bred, and will breed more corruption. It is about turning a deaf ear to the widening gap between rich and poor or for that matter rich and middleclass and it is about turning a deaf ear to the poor's need for healthcare. It is about the Republican's mocking of concern for these things as they have done throughout the election year and in fact ever since the 2008 election.

Some say the timing or location of natural disasters are coincidences but the Republican's religious right are the ones that so often claimed these events are not coincidences proclaiming they are judgements with meaning upon those impacted.
This summer as Romney, a leader dedicated to service of the rich and dedicated to the religious cult of the Mormons, became the nominee for the Republicans the widely acknowledged national headquarters of the religious right sometimes called the Protestant Vatican-Colorado Springs-was nearly devastated by the worst wildfire in Colorado history. The religious right had no comment and still have no comment as it all is re-emphasized with Hurricane Isaac cutting off the day from the Republican convention that is to be the day Romney is formally coronated as the nominee.

No one is commenting and no one is yet getting the message and the unchristian uncaring ideology and attitude in the religious right's Republican convention is not unheard so God will not be done with those that proclaim He is on their side.   
God is evidently engaging in some fair play and demonstrating with a sizeable exclamation point that the Republicans do not speak for Him.  
It appears He wants us all to know that. Wouldn't you say so my religious right friend?


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