As in the song "Lawyers In Love" we have a land, a nation with too many in high places willing to do anything for money neglecting people, honor and principle but a change is coming. No more falling for the lie of living only individualistic and independent lives leaving us divided and conquerable by powerful special interests but a people, a nation collaborating for the greater common good in various groups all across the nation. A land of people working together to help one another with a vision moreover as Jesus would have us be. Love, Mercy, Forgiveness, Kindness....something about another Land. The change is coming

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Romney Lied About Independent Analysis Of His Tax Plan

All along Mitt Romney claimed his tax plan was based on analysis by an independent think-tank but as it turns out this independent think-tank is The American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think-tank operated and funded by the Republican party with no less than Dick Cheney on it's board.

"They tried to defend the campaign's claim by saying that AEI is "not a partisan organization," but that's only accurate in the sense that it's not literally a part of the Republican Party. Well, sure, except for the part about it's run and funded by Republicans.

It's obvious what the Romney campaign was trying to say when they described AEI as both "non-partisan" and "independent": they were trying to convince voters to believe Romney's tax plan math ads up because an independent, trustworthy, unbiased third party group said it did.
And the bottom-line is that AEI isn't what the Romney campaign made it out to be. And if the Romney campaign can't even be honest in what it claims other people are claiming about Romney's tax plan, why should anyone believe what he claims about it?" - Jed Lewison

This is more of the same kind of hiding in the shadows everything Romney from tax returns to offshore accounts to tax plan details and then lying about the tax plan source. I would ask; why should the American people believe anything Romney claims whether it's about his tax plan or anything else.

In the light of day and fully exposed Romney's policies don't sit well with the majority of Americans so Romney must hide the truth of his policies like he has hid most of everything else from the American people including his life in the Mormon religious cult.

Like a cage full of birds,
their houses are full of deceit;
therefore they have become great and rich;
they have grown fat and sleek.
They know no bounds in deeds of evil;
they judge not with justice
the cause of the fatherless, to make it prosper,
and they do not defend the rights of the needy.
Jeremiah 5: 27-28

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