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Friday, April 26, 2013

The Hatred in the Heart of White America

Haven't read this article yet have you but I bet you are armed and ready to do battle against the liberals and leftists. The title of the article is "The Hatred in the Heart of White America" but until you read it you will probably be wrong about it. Here it is below.

But really this post of mine is not about that article but the effect it had. You see Charen's article was a call to expose the liberal media pass on minority racism but in the commentary section of this Yahoo article by Mona Charen  there was about a ratio of 1 in 15 people that really read the article and the rest all came with their attitudes, resentments and if you will hate commenting about the liberal bias and almost as many were piling on from the left.
What they both had in common was that they didn't read the article. They didn't look beyond the exterior, the outer appearance, the skin(title) of the article and how embarrassing.

Mona Charen is actually a right-wing or conservative journalist with an opinion and being that doesn't mean she is a white racist but she evidently recognizes where racism comes from on both sides and anticipating people would comment without reading the article wanted to demonstrate racism against others stems more from ignorance of the interior and the soul just as so many posters comments stemmed from ignorance of the actual content of the article.
Some of those posters may have never got it but you can be sure many did. They realize now that we can be so quick to judge without knowing what we really are talking about and maybe a little light broke forth in the minds of some.

A lesson in your face is a lesson well remembered. Click on the link above and go through the comments but before you laugh consider if you would have also ignored the soul of the article.

Mona Charen is not racist but she must be a genius.

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