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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Common Sense Dictates Syrian Gov't Did Not Use Chemical Weapons

There is not a clear link in public discussion showing a connection between the Syrian government and use of chemical weapons and some congressmen involved in private briefings where the real link was supposed to be revealed are saying they are now even more skeptical because what they are being presented with is still a probably and not a conclusive.

The evidence that skeptical Americans and lawmakers are seeking is not there and worse the common sense that Obama would invoke in his latest statements to impune Syria is exactly what impunes Obama. Just as Assad will go nowhere near chemical weapons Obama should go nowhere near talking common sense.

Here is the common sense:

The Syrian government would not even think about using chemical weapons because the last thing Bashar Assad wants is a U.S. attack upon his rising victory in Syria. He has been beating back the rebels convincely for the last 6 months and with inevitable success ahead the last thing  he wants is the U.S. getting involved bombing his forces and possible turning around his coming victory in Syria.

The reason there is not a irrefutable link between the Syrian government and the chemical attack is because there isn't one.The Syrian leader is not going to use chemical weapons. He is not letting anyone go anywhere near any chemical weapons. He has them locked up in a lock box in a lockbox in a bunker inside two more bunkers. Assad doen't want anyone even thinking about chemical weapons and he would probably invoke his best version of thought police to prevent just that.
The U.S. of course sees the inevitable coming victory for Assad in Syria and because of it's past reticence to get involved feels it will now be held responsible if the rebels are defeated by Assad.
The only way in for Obama now is if Syria uses chemical weapons and so of course for the U.S. to respond in Syria there must be the timely use of chemical weapons. How stupid the power structure behind all this must believe we are.

Bashar Assad winning now with conventional forces is of course not going to use chemical weapons and draw the wrath of the U.S. and world upon his victory so there is only one recourse; a timely black ops false flag operation possibly involving certain rebel operatives but you probably have heard little about this because the media is almost completely blacking out any talk of it even to the point that PBS's "The McLaughlin Report" which always includes Pat Buchanan, leaves him off the show that is discussing Syria because he has suggested this could be a false flag operation.
Make no mistake here however, President Obama and most in his cabinet and congress have been kept in the dark about this for the sake of plausable deniability and pure outrage but there are those connected to our government that of course know what Obama needs. This and certain other nations have a history of manipulating public opinion with "events" in order to get their way, it is nothing new. What is new is the extent they will go to. Reports are that at least 500 have been gassed but some report 1500 dead including 500 children. I can imagine a fanatical sect of al-qaeda rebels believing this is an acceptable sacrifice to Allah in order to stop Assad but beyond that it takes a cold-blooded calculus to deliver these attacks and in any event it would be difficult for al-qaeda to pull this off but not without help.
There are blackhearted money hungry mercenary groups in this world that are willing to create these kinds of events for governments in order to justify certain actions. No one pretends to or are supposed to know who these groups are but the past proves they exist and the only common sense conclusion now is that they still exist and could be involved here.

Any U.N. investigation going into Syria looking for evidence of chemical attacks should be fully engaged investigating who is really responsible but the most probable common-sense reality is that there is an establishment power-structure present in the world connected to most governments that wants certain events to turn out the way they would like them to turn out and at certain times will go to whatever means to accomplish it. I don't pretend to know who they are and you can forget the Bilderbergers or Council on Foriegn Relations tripe born out of illuminati nonsense. They are simply the rich and powerful that believe they have the right to direct the world in the way they want it to go and more and more what they want runs counter to what is best for all of us. Much of the blame for that can be dropped at the feet of the American people that time after time have fallen for the lies and deception of government causing the rich and powerful to believe they can get away with just about anything they push on the people.

And so we are where we are with escalating domestic drone use, NSA lying-spying, manipulating chemical attacks and Obama now foolishly bringing up common sense in a silly attempt at orwellian thought reversal.  The U.S. has bent, twisted and contorted all the psuedo evidence they can and in a cloud of doubt and confusion hope to justify attacking Syria but the U.S. Congress should fully reject this giving Obama at least a chance to show the world he will honor democracy. It is the only good left that fifteen hundren people could have died for but the covert die has been cast and the invasion must proceed, you know that as well as i do.


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