Commentary on faith & politics committed to the truth in Jesus Christ and in all things around us. America once loved God but has become a land fallen, in love with money.Our politicians sellout votes for money, for favor to the rich. The Religious Right embrace mammon's ideology and glorify nationalism equating politics with faith, so "of the nation" instead of just "in the nation". The Religious Left cling to the nobel cause but decline the cure so afraid of a real internal personal relationship with the heavenly Father that yearns so very much to be close to them. As it is both Right and Left are so bereft of real introspection. Pray we all have the courage to stand up for what is right in one of the toughest places to do so - our in-group. A change is coming.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

How We Treat The Poor And Sick Is How We Treat Christ Himself

“Jesus tells us that how we treat the most vulnerable, the poor, and the sick, is how we treat him — how we treat Christ himself. This is a week of crucial votes on health care bills and we must remind Senators who call themselves Christians that the question before their vote must be: how any bill would treat Christ himself, who says ‘I was sick,’ and ‘as you have done to the least of these you have done to me.'

“Therefore, we are asking Christians across the country to tell their Senators to vote NO to cut in Medicaid, vote NO on a bill that take health coverage and care from millions of people, vote NO on a bill that would leave it to a majority conference committee to prepare final legislation, and vote NO on any bill that does not have bipartisan support.

“The votes this week are critical for tens of millions of Americans, especially for ‘the least of these.’ We must speak and act now to put our faith into action for a health care bill that does no harm; that includes and does not exclude people from health coverage. The moment is urgent, and our mission is to protect health and healing.”

-Circle Of Protection

The Senators still insist on taking healthcare away from millions of Americans so prayer and attention is still in order.
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