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Thursday, August 10, 2017

At 33% Approval Trump Needs A War And North Korea Is Willing To Give It To Him?

Give me a break, surely Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, realizes that Donald Trump has been cast as the worst president in history at this point in his tenure and is in the doldrums politically. The Republican congress is not flying too high itself. Kim Jong would know that politically nothing would benefit Trump or the Republicans more right now than a war with just about anyone, but a war with N. Korea?, oh yea. The throngs of many more than just his base would line up behind Trump and the approval ratings would soar through the roof.
Doesn't Kim Jong know that Trump and the Republicans would be sorely tempted to respond military, more sorely than at any moment in recent history?
N. Korea wants no interference in their nuclear plans so Kim Jong is going to dare Trump to "interfere" with their nuclear plans at such a trepeditious juncture? He is going to risk serious interference from the U.S. by actually threatening an attack on the island of Guam?

The turn of events in this world never seem to surprise me but the suicidal moves made by certain bad boys out there often stretches the realm of believability.

If you are creating a movement or trying to create something provocative in some nation or rogue nation the last thing you should want is opposition or interference from the most mighty nation on earth.

It brings to mind when ISIS was expanding it's influence across the middle east conquering area after area bringing so many under their control. ISIS was expanding it was succeeding. You would think the last thing ISIS would have wanted was to entice the mightiest nation on earth or for that matter anyone to intervene but in the middle of their success ISIS began creating videos of beheadings and torture of captives sending them out for all the world to see thus creating the likelihood of interference from, yes, the mightiest nation on earth. They were daring the U.S. to interfere.

That the U.S. was seriously about to curtail the expanding surveillance of the N.S.A relative to terrorists in the U.S.,and as we found out surveillance of all of us, is known and the Deep State needed nothing more than a new horrific threat of terrorists to get the political backing in congress to keep up and maintain the expanding surveillance state in the U.S. What happened was the watering down of The Freedom Act to almost nothing and ISIS provided the fear fodder. With all the focus on taking down terrorists, particularly Al-Qaeda there should have been no chance ISIS could arise in of all places the middle of the middle east. Only willful neglect could have permitted this, a willful neglect that offered the Deep State the bogeyman to manipulate policy. Any other conclusion is just stretching the bounds of believability where responsible cognizant humans are in charge of such serious matters.

So what you have here now, with all the reasons in the world for Trump and his government to respond, is an in your face incitement from N. Korea stating thusly "N. Korea is planning an enveloping strike at Guam through simultaneous fire of four Hwasong-12 intermediate-range strategic ballistic rockets in order to interdict the enemy forces on major military bases on Guam and to signal a crucial warning to the US".  They say this will be done by mid-August if the U.S. continues to provoke. And yes it's Guam, the island that is the spear tip of U.S. defense in the pacific.
North Korea has made threats before but never such a threat quite like this. I suggest sitting back and keeping a close eye on this one. Kim Jong Un is playing with fire, literally, if his comments are certified but certified as we have so often seen before is the question when it comes to inciteful statements popping up at just the right time when there are certain leaders in need.

Trump needs war popularity and he is so manipulatable but would Kim Jong Un just for the fun of it walk right into this? Free wag-the-dog? Selling is going on somewhere but the buying is not happening here.
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