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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Trump Going To Great Lengths To Distract Public From Daniels And Muellar.

Ok, I know what it looks like. You see the news suggesting to you a supposed meeting between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and covering feverishly Trump's new trade tariffs but you also see the news media putting the heating up of the Muellar investigation and the Stormy Daniels affair on the back burner. The former two are getting the headlines and the latter two are getting a comment or two but what can you do but set there and take it. Just know what the game is and don't be buying into.

Could you possibly have forgotten how scurrilous and deceptive Trump can be and make no mistake he is not forging new ground here, he is following precedent and by that I mean using psyops to distract from news he doesn't want you focusing on and if the news were only Stormy Daniels and Muellar that is what you would be focusing on. Almost all modern day presidents have used some form of psyops to distract the public but Trump is using this to protect himself, not any real government objectives of which the term psyops is generally applied to.

People never get this kind of strategic intentional deception on the part of leaders in revered positions when it is happening, only when it has already happened do they accept it but never, never when it is in the process of happening. But what you see in movies like "The American President", "Independence Day" or the program "West Wing" showing cabinet members scheming for ways to distract the public from real embarrassing news for the president is dead real. It's in the Nixon tapes and more. THEY DO IT for crying out loud and not only is Trump the most likely of all the presidents in the history to do it, he doesn't give a crap about the collateral ramifications of his actions of which has been well observed and documented and yet the news is presented virtually without any doubt or suspicion about the presidents real motives. You gotta laugh, what else can you do but Trump WILL go this far. He will do this to shield himself from embarrassment

No doubt that Kim Jong Un wants the legitimacy of his leadership position established by a meeting with Trump and no doubt this is not the first time recently Un has proposed it but of course Trump needing distraction from what he believes could bring him down takes the offer this time with absolutely no real intention of following up. In short, there is snow balls chance in hades that the meeting between Trump and Un occurs. Laughing cause what else can i do here but hey, the media's biting and i think you might be biting here but the only reason for this news of a meeting between the two leaders is distraction for Trump. Un even gets some dash of legitimacy for this just being in the news so he is going to go with it and it's in the news all over the world.

Now the trade tariff thing. This is a promise of Trump's but like so many others I don't think he intends on continuing the tariffs once the Stormy Daniels affair and Muellar investigation recedes from the media landscape, the latter of which may not but you see the investigation into the Trump administration is heating up now like never before and that is especially the point. There are casualties here as all of Trump's original cabinet are now gone with Rex Tillerson finally getting the axe.
It all is coming to a head and Trump knows it. You should know it and you should know this; you're being presented with distractive news at the top of the hour while the real news that Trump doesn't want you to see is not being seen at the top of the hour.

The Republicans are aghast at the Trump tariffs as are the Democrats and the rest of the significant world so Trump will only get cooperation in cancelling any tariffs.

Take it to the bank. The trade tariffs will be canceled one way or another and the meeting with Kim Jong Un is only good for a good laugh....will not happen.

The news should be - "Trump Going To Great Lengths To Distract Public From Daniels And Muellar."

Everything else aside, can you blame anyone for being skeptical. Trump doesn't deserve the respect of being believed any of this is going to be for real.
Trump's selling, but I'm not buying.

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