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Friday, August 10, 2018

Trump Attacking LeBron James, Shows His Base’s Racism

 Twitter diatribe alleging that two educated, incredibly accomplished black men were stupid, there was naturally outrage from people from every corner of the planet—even dissent from Melania Trump herself.
There’s also been plenty of assertions that the comments reflect the President’s clear racism.

And this is why the mob mentality toward LeBron James is both illuminating and disheartening: because millions of people in this country would rather hurl vitriol at a 33-year old athlete whose physical skills, philanthropic work, cultural impact, and positive influence on a generation of kids are inarguable—instead of asking themselves why the hell a current President embroiled in controversy, mired in global conflicts, and riddled with scandals—would be Tweeting on a Saturday night about a basketball player’s I.Q.
I’m fairly certain he has contempt for people of color—but the list of people he has contempt for pretty much includes the population of the planet minus the guy he sees in the mirror.
But what I am sure of, is that those rushing to castigate LeBron James right now, those falling over themselves to question his intellect, his community work, his right to speak—are showing me without question who they are.
They’re showing me the same thing they showed me when they applauded the silencing of kneeling NFL players.
They are seeing and hearing in Tweets like the one criticizing LeBron James and Don Lemon, words that confirm their fears, ratify their prejudices, and consent to their hatred.
In a time when there are many things to lament about the country we’re uncovering right now—this is the latest shame.
- John Pavlovitz

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