As in the song "Lawyers In Love" we have a land, a nation with too many in high places willing to do anything for money neglecting people, honor and principle but a change is coming. No more falling for the lie of living only individualistic and independent lives leaving us divided and conquerable by powerful special interests but a people, a nation collaborating for the greater common good in various groups all across the nation. A land of people working together to help one another with a vision moreover as Jesus would have us be. Love, Mercy, Forgiveness, Kindness....something about another Land. The change is coming

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Early Christians, America and a word from Patch Adams

An Article by Patch Adams -

You, Patch Adams, can make us joyously laugh just by flying so flagrantly in the face of what so many people think is the "rational" but, no Patch, it is not ridiculous and naive and those that think so should tell that to God, to Jesus Christ, to the disciples and apostle Paul and to the thousands of other loving witnessing sharing Christians that suffered so much but in the end converted the mightiest and harshest empire the world had ever known, the Roman Empire...with the example of only their Christian love and Christian way. Only their Christian love and Christian way.
And to imagine, today we, America do not have to worry about indefensively suffering all that those believers suffered then for we are well protected BY the mightiest military in the world, all we have to do is show love, try to show love. We have now the mightiest military the world has ever known with nuclear warheads abounding, in submarines near every port and satelite technology watching everything. Don't you think we could afford to make the major thrust of our foreign activity, love, the living love that Patch talks about without letting our guard down, the mightiest "guard" the world has ever known. Think it doesn't work? Afraid to trust Patch? Do you trust God?

The word of God says that we will be as pouring coals of fire upon the enemies head when we return love for hatred - Romans 12:20.

Were the disciples and believers of Jesus's day worried about a perception of weakness and isn't it a wonder how the evil one has snowed us over such a pathetic concern about that perception. According to todays christian "carnal" mind the disciples were in no position to do what they did but I wonder if with all the protection we have now we could even see it through. Does it take the flower children to make us understand. Think about it church, thiiiiiink about it. When Jesus Christ returns the leaders of America will sorrowfully anguish at the realization of what they truly could have done but in all truth it does not have to be that way. Let the church as the body of Christ and truly representative of the kingdom of God lead toward a better way......God knows smart policy.

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