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Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Electric Car And You Should Be Spitting Nails

Want to explain why there has not been a push to get the electric car up and running, why there has not been the equivalent of the effort to get men on the moon for the development of the electric car. Imagine the benefit to global warming if the world began driving electric cars. In this country from 1993 to 2003 development began in earnest by the auto manufacturers to bring on line an electric car. They brought several thousand of these out and leased them to individuals to drive for several years. The majority of owners of these vehicles were pleased with them minus their limited driving range, pleased with them to the point that many wanted to even buy them out from the auto manufacturers but the companies refused, repossessing the leases and then after collecting them went right to destroying every last one of them. Hmmm? Odd thing to do isn't it? Immediatly after this was done the car companies sold the rights to the battery system to who? Yes. Chevron Oil. At this time Chevron Oil essentially has the patents and hand cuffs on the development of the most important aspect of the electric car, it's battery system. And what should happen if these NiMH battery systems were developed to bring the driving range of the electric car to let's say two or three hundred miles. People would find the electric car acceptable on a practical basis and then demand would begin growing by the millions.

What could be happening now? One major aspect of the global CO2 pollution could be on the mend. Automotive exhaust would not be reduced it would be eliminated. Of all the sources of CO2 pollution this is the one that could be practically eliminated. Industrial factories could not be so easily changed but here with the electric car we have the opportunity to completely eliminate the source of pollution from the product. Why didn't this happen and why isn't this happening? With the blessings of the Bush administration the rights to the primary battery development was sold to an OIL company as the auto companies promptly destroyed all the developed electric cars. Even as lease owners of these cars begged the auto company to let them buy their leased electric car the auto company stubbornly refused.

Hey somebody, take it from here. I can't even stand to write any more about this discouraging piece of underhanded corporate protectionism. We should be spitt'in nails over this. I mean what is going on here people? Unless I'am mistaken auto exhaust is a prime source of CO2 pollution and global warming. Hello? And if the altruistic angle or should I say self-preservation angle doesn't get it done for you, well, for the racing enthusiasts out there and any one who just likes a quick take off did you know that no motor driven street vehicle can match the take off acceleration of an electric car. The electric car is no wimp and that is the last thing the oil companies and evidently the auto companies want you to know. It is conceptualy intelligent, it is fast and it is clean and we should be going with the electric car like we were once going to the moon. Take it.


Anonymous said...
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Bob Snider said...

Sounds like anonymous is one of the people paid by the oil companies to create confusion. They usually don't give their name. The fact is, we should have had electric cars 10 or 20 years ago. Notice how rapidly the battery technology has evolved over the past year, now that a lot of people can see a lot of money in it.

David Wilson said...

Amen. Amen.

A-and there are some positive signs - T. Boone Pickens is taking up wind-power & natural gas for vehicles - and there are other private initiatives to reclaim methane from garbage, - there is hope!

God love ya, be well.

David Wilson said...

should have said "even" T. Boone Pickens :-)

Doug said...

For Anonymous:
Profanity and slander are one thing but profaning the name of God is another. Your post is toast, dude.
Come back and make your points but come back like a man who has enough courage to show his face.