As in the song "Lawyers In Love" we have a land, a nation with too many in high places willing to do anything for money neglecting people, honor and principle but a change is coming. No more falling for the lie of living only individualistic and independent lives leaving us divided and conquerable by powerful special interests but a people, a nation collaborating for the greater common good in various groups all across the nation. A land of people working together to help one another with a vision moreover as Jesus would have us be. Love, Mercy, Forgiveness, Kindness....something about another Land. The change is coming

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Reality Check For The Anti-ObamaCare Rightwing

Just in case you believe the projected perception in all that political propaganda coming from the many want-to-be corporate suckling pigs running for your state corporate mothers milk dispensing office you might want to rethink what you percieve about the publics opinion of the new health-care law. In 4 out of the last 3 polls taken nationally from June to July people favor ObamaCare.

Support --------Oppose
48%------------ 41% - Kaiser poll
49%------------ 46% - AP poll
35%------------ 47% - Pew poll
49%------------ 46% - USA Today-Gallup poll

Check it out then let the crybaby politicians know what you think about them worrying more about corporate donations and tax cuts for the rich than they do your opinion.
Check it out.

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