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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Talk Of Socialism is Food For Chumps

There has been talk from the rightwing and religious right that Obama is a socialist and the new healthcare bill is socialism but that is funny because Obama essentially offered this bill as a compromise to the Republicans. Do you want to know why?
You see, this healthcare bill is for the most part the same bill the Republicans were offering back in the 90's. It was their business oriented, free market oriented alternative they so strongly supported against the Democrats.

Here is the Republican healthcare bill of 1993:

So... Hello!, it is the height of political hyprocrisy for the Republicans to cry such that they have and the way they have about Obama's healthcare bill, his offering to them and the religious right are at about the same height if they claim anything approximating honesty -Proverbs 12:17 and plenty more.
The Republicans are playing obstructionist politics for their self-centered interests and any talk of this healthcare bill as socialism is ludicrous because it is the biggest gift that the private healthcare industry has ever seen. It is a monumental offering to the private healthcare industry in the form of thousands of new premiums and it is so very much what the corporate serving Republicans wanted to offer the health insurance industry only a few years ago but now in the name of political revenge and bitterness the Republicans feign they are appalled by the health insurance bill, LOL!!
America should be laughing their heads off at the Republicans and some are but for the most part they are buying into the fear factor that is drummed into their heads at the hands of rightwing Republican talk radio shows that fill over 90% of the country's airwaves. It is a rightwing mantra that goes on and on through the airwaves of this nation with incredibly sensationalistic untruths and deception that on a mass scale can throw many people into a delusional and paranoid state of mind. One might be led to think that from all the tripe flying around out there the passage of this bill will mean American will no longer have a vote or any control over their government, that we are essentially signing off into Lenin/Stalin communism and socialism except that....this is originally the Republican's healthcare bill.

This all is of course why thousands of U.S. corporations and businesses contributed millions of dollars to get Obama and the democrats elected with Obama's healthcare mandate. These hardworking lifelong corporate capitalists wanted to give up their luxuries and priviledges so they could set as financial equals with all of us.

Want to be a chump? Keep believing what the rightwing talking "heads" are telling you.


Norma said...

Let's return to the campaign of 2008 and examine what Obama said he intended to do. Fundamentally change the country by redistribution of the wealth. My dear, that at its roots is Marxism, the most death dealing political and economic thought to have ever depopulated the earth.

Doug said...

Norma, is your comment a response to my post or my post a response to your comment? Hmmm.
Now if you want to accuse Obama of Marxism you need to put up a quote because he did not say he would change the country by re-distributing the wealth. From what I can see some of our tax dollars will be going to help poor and low income families afford healthcare. If that is the prevailing bugaboo of wealth re-distribution then it is finally something worth paying taxes for and the way to balance that out is by cutting a defense budget that can destroy the planet umpteen times and also by avoiding any more unecessary 800 billion dollar wars like in Iraq.
By the way the CBO, the BI-PARTISAN congressional budget office said repealing this healthcare reform will deepen the deficit by 230 billion.
Anyway, thanks for posting. Good to hear from you.