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Saturday, March 05, 2011

GOP On Wrong Side of America & Wisconsin Voters

Voters Oppose Gov. Walker, Favor Wisconsin Government Workers

Even the Rasmussen Poll which usually favors Republicans and the rightwing, now reveals what other polls around the country have clearly shown; that the voters support the government workers of Wisconsin in opposition to Wisconsin's Gov. Walker and his Republican congress's attempt to eliminate government workers collective bargaining rights. 52% to 39%

The poll goes on to show that 49% believe that the pay of state workers is about right.
Rasmussen also concedes that the reason Walker even won in November is because in mid-term elections fewer Democrats turn out. All this from the Rasmussen poll. Hmmm.

The resulting truth is that Governor Walker and his congress do not represent the voters will and should relent from behaving as if they do. The polling clearly shows there is no support for a silent majority as Wisconsin Gov. Walker and his Republicans contend and if they continue to try to shove their extremist ideology down the peoples throats perhaps they should be recalled as is now stirring around.

Heres the proof: -

Recent surveys by the New York Times/CBS, Wall Street Journal/NBC, Pew, and Gallup all found majority or plurality support across the country for maintaining the collective bargaining rights of unionized state workers:

NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll
"Do you think public employees who belong to a union and work for state government, city government, or a school district should have the same right to bargain when it comes to their health care, pension and other benefits as employees who belong to a union and work for private companies?"
Americans support this - 77% to 19% Wow!

Quinnipiac University Poll
"In order to reduce state budget deficits, do you favor cutting the pay or benefits of public employees, or do you oppose that?"
Americans oppose cutting pay or benefits of public employees - 56% to 37%

CBS News/New York Times Poll
"As you may know, collective bargaining refers to negotiations between an employer and a labor union's members to determine the conditions of employment. Some states are trying to take away some of the collective bargaining rights of public employee unions. Do you favor or oppose taking away some of the collective bargaining rights of these unions?"
Americans oppose taking away collective bargaining rights - 60% to 33%

Pew Research Center
"From what you've read and heard about the dispute between Wisconsin's governor and public employee unions over collective bargaining rights, do you side more with the governor or the public employee unions?"
Americans side with the unions - 42% to 31%

USA Today/Gallup Poll
"As you may know, many U.S. state governments are facing large budget deficits this year. Please say whether you strongly favor, favor, oppose, or strongly oppose each of the following ways state officials could reduce their budget deficits. How about reducing pay or benefits the state provides for government workers?"
Americans oppose reducing pay or benefits for gov't workers - 53% to 44%

USA Today/Gallup Poll
"As you may know, one way the legislature in Wisconsin is seeking to reduce its budget deficit is by passing a bill that would take away some of the collective bargaining rights of most public unions, including the state teachers' union. Would you favor or oppose such a bill in your state?"
Americans oppose taking away even some bargaining rights - 61% to 33% -

Proof for above poll numbers -

It needs to be shown that although the Republicans won elections in November they are not winning over the hearts and minds of Americans the way they think they have and the way they are behaving. This is true across the country.

By going against the vast majority of public opinion Gov. Walker and his Republican congress are showing their facist face in removing people's rights against the will of the people

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