As in the song "Lawyers In Love" we have a land, a nation with too many in high places willing to do anything for money neglecting people, honor and principle but a change is coming. No more falling for the lie of living only individualistic and independent lives leaving us divided and conquerable by powerful special interests but a people, a nation collaborating for the greater common good in various groups all across the nation. A land of people working together to help one another with a vision moreover as Jesus would have us be. Love, Mercy, Forgiveness, Kindness....something about another Land. The change is coming

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gov. Walker & Republicans In Service To Plutocracy / Oligarchy

Brazen service to the wealthy elite by the rightwing is what is going on and has been going on for far too long now. Are you ever going to see it? It has been the direction the Republicans have been taking the country because they know that they will be the prized and honored lifelong secure servants of the ruling elite if they, the Republicans, can establish elite rule. They are under the power of this just as they were under the power of greed in bringing the nation to economic collapse unconcerned about the consequences for the people of the nation just as long as they got their money from wall street for inhibiting regulators. The Republican party has been serving the wishes of the rich and powerful and in the process turning what was once a vibrant democracy into a plutocracy,oligarchy or corporatocracy. Whatever you call it, it's providing the rich with control of the direction of the nation.

-In Wisconsin,despite the crystal clear opposition of the people to taking away people's rights, Gov. Walker and the Republicans take them away anyway.

-With regards to national healthcare reform where the polling shows the people are against cutting funds for the new healthcare law and against repealing the healthcare law which provides low-income people with assistance to get healthcare and rights for all people to fight healthcare abuses, the Republicans are attempting to re-peal and de-fund the healthcare law that will provide these desperately needed rights to the people.

-After the people had been devasted economically by the abusive scams of the wall street bankers the Republicans worked under cover of the gulf oil spill to stop any punishment of these corporate criminals and now as if that was not enough they are working behind the scenes, hiding behind budget restraint, trying to cut funding for the financial reform laws that will discipline the wall street crooks that bilked the American people. For the Republicans it is unimportant that not one of these CEO bankers is in jail.

-At almost every turn the Republicans vote to take away rights from the people and give rights with favors to the rich and powerful. They vote corporations massive subsides and tax loopholes so that nowhere near the fair share of tax will be paid by corporations to properly fund government then complain there are not enough government funds, and all this during a time of record corporate profits. Then under the power of their oligarchic precept procede to cut government workers wages and benefits to remedy the shortfall originally caused by corporate under tax-funding of government and then to top it off eliminate those workers bargaining rights. This list could go on and on.

Will you ever wake up America?. If the people clearly understood what was going on here the Republican party would be fleeing to set up shop in Libya or Iran where they can openly show their facist face allegiance to a "republic" instead of continuing here in America.

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