As in the song "Lawyers In Love" we have a land, a nation with too many in high places willing to do anything for money neglecting people, honor and principle but a change is coming. No more falling for the lie of living only individualistic and independent lives leaving us divided and conquerable by powerful special interests but a people, a nation collaborating for the greater common good in various groups all across the nation. A land of people working together to help one another with a vision moreover as Jesus would have us be. Love, Mercy, Forgiveness, Kindness....something about another Land. The change is coming

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Romney Campaign Running On Pure Grace

To most political observers it should be fairly obvious that Mitt Romney's campaign for president is on life support. It is week by week positioning itself as a political phantom. My analysis of this is that with a nearly guaranteed minority he has little or no chance of getting the Republican nomination even though the Obama campaign is running a ruse to the contrary.
Why not Romney? There is a solid wandering in the wilderness mass, 74% of Republican primary voters, that will not support him. They will light anywhere except on Romney and we all have a fairly good idea of why that is, his relatively moderate position on issues and the Christian right's correct view of Mormonism as a cult. Because of this his relevant presence as a real nominee is hanging by a thread dependent on both Perry and Cain tanking and no other nominee rising and the latter is no longer an option or so they say. Now Romney could become guerilla militant extreme right Republican and with the garbage Cain and some of the others are getting away with and the Republican debate crowd reactions I wouldn't be surprised but beyond that I don't think he can pull it, so...

The likely scenario: as soon as Cain stumbles enough times the wandering mass will finally light on Perry. That of course is contingent on the fact that Perry and his campaign will carefully buoy him back up. Perry has 15 million to campaign on so it is just a matter of time. You might say the nomination is Perry's to lose and even if he doesn't do the buoying up as I say he should still be the recipient of Cain's eventually disappearing support. Then again if Cain should maintain his lead, develop a campaign strategy and come up with millions in donations it in no way benefits Romney.
Republicans are very good at lining up for their eventual candidate so when and if this race comes down to two leaders Romney and Perry or Romney and Cain the dependable 25% will still be with Romney and where will the majority of the other 75%be?

The only real logic I can see for the Democratic strategy pretending to prematuraly present Romney with the nomination is so that the Republican primary voters will be more inclined to support Perry giving the Obama campaign the real constrast it desires in the gift of George W. Bush II aka Rick Perry, the following governor of Texas.

I wrote off Barack Obama with an article before he was elected so America surprised me and I'm glad they did. This time and in this regard I don't think it matters.


Suzanne said...

"...where will the majority of the other 75% be?"
I'm one of the 75% and there is no way I'll vote for Perry or Romney. I'll stay home. Neither of them is a constitutional conservative. Both of them would maintain the status quo once in office. It would appear that before we can do battle with the socialists currently in power we must first defeat the Republican elites presently in control of the party. Continuing to vote for their choice is not an option. And, if I'm going to be deprived of my money and my liberty, I'd rather lose them to an enemy than to someone claiming to be my friend. Continuing to vote for Republican moderates is akin to pulling off a bandage in slow motion. It hurts and only postpones the inevitable.
And to those who cry "anyone but Obama!" I would ask what good it does to elect someone who will govern by working within the present hopelessly broken system?
The only "fix" is a return to the Constitution as written. Does anyone believe that either Perry or Romney will take us there?

Doug said...

Hey, thanks for posting Suzanne.
If this giddy and goofball behavior by Perry should continue I don't think you will have to worry about him or Romney.
So who would you be for? Which candidate is constituionally acceptable to you? Cain?
Here's to hoping the rest of the Republicans take your slant on this and stay home. It'll be a cake walk for Obama.

Socialists? Do you realize that if you are for medicare, social security in any variation offered so far even by Republicans, disability, unemployment, aid to the poor or children in any form, the military, police, firefighters etc you are a socialist?
The only fix is a balanced society where the disenfranchised have hope free of anarchy and the rich do not abuse their priviledge. This is one reason God strongly encourages government. It is wisdom about human behavior and He more than anyone knows us all too well.

Suzanne said...

I disagree with your contention that support for the military and police is akin to socialism. These two functions fall within the government’s obligation to keep order domestically and to protect us from foreign enemies. All social needs (care for the sick, elderly, disadvantaged, etc.) are the responsibility of the family and the Church which, by the way, have done a much better job than the state. Read "The Tragedy of American Compassion" by Marvin Olasky. Fire protection has been handled quite successfully by individual communities through partnerships between the firefighters and those they protect. When the state uses public money for these services we cede our personal obligation to care for others to a nameless, faceless bureaucracy. We also run the risk that the money will be misused (how much of each tax dollar collected to support social services goes to the state and how much to the needy?) When I give to help someone directly none of my money goes to a middle man. I can insure that it's used wisely because I'm closer to the situation. There is no room for fraud and waste. And who are "the disenfranchised"? All citizens have the right to vote. That some are rich and some are poor does not denote disenfranchisement. There is no entitlement to be rich, but only to have the opportunity to work and earn as much as we are able. This opportunity is the privilege, not the resulting personal wealth. Is your "balanced society" to be achieved by robbing those of us who have worked hard to earn what we have? Are we somehow morally culpable because we want to be free to care for our own needs and those of our families and others in our community? Yes, God did institute government to keep order and provide protection to the weak and innocent. But He never intended it to replace the family or the Church or to rob us of what we have earned through our labors.

Doug said...

The points you raise are good ones and could be expanded upon exponentially but here is some in a nutshell:

The government also has the obligation to provide for the general welfare which is tax funded as of course is the police and military. All three fall under the purview of socialism but what must be weeded out is the bad from the good.
Now the churches, all churches, megachurches and catholic churches put together could not come close financially to meeting the welfare needs of this superpower and I should add that should such a system be established by the churches you would be no better overseer of your charity in that system but I do understand your heart's desire to do so.

As it is we have a system where everyone contributes by collective decree to provide for these things which is fair and wise and supported biblically.
Now if you choose to cede your obligation to care for others that is your choice but you should understand that one realistic purpose of the church is to help those that fall through the cracks present in any system of care and there are many.

"That some are rich and some are poor does not denote disenfranchisement". To this all I can say is you must be watching only Fox news :) All most all that is bringing this nation down is the fact that the rich are buying off our politicans effectively circumventing the voice,vote of the people. The poor and middleclass have in fact become more disenfranchised than at any time in recent history. Get multiple news outlets.

Yes, God never intended government to replace the family or church and it has not in the most important ways but the selfish nature of man working within far too many self-centered representatives of faith, having given us a mega secular society, has taken the care of so many out of the hands of so few. This is where we man up and this is where we are.

You have agreed to this experiment called America and it is not about standing alone for your own but also for the greater good and it is sad that you pay taxes ungratefully instead of realizing it is the means to making America work for all.
The perspective we take can free our hearts and bring the joy found in the success of any just endeavor