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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Reasons "Occupy Wall Street" Protestors Protest

You here it all across the corporate owned media that the protestors are not clear about what they want. You here it from the rightwing news media that the protestors are all bums. The Republicans with the rest of their hypocrite rightwing, so supportive of the Tea Party and it's all too prevalent gun toting racist placard protestors, turn around and mock and belittle the Occupy Wall Street protestors as violent and unruly because why? They are a threat to the rightwing's "Holy Seat". And the reason the Wall street protestors are not clear to the rightwing is that foolish lackey acolytes to the power of money will not see what they do not want to see.

The truth is, after all we have been through, no one can pretend they do not know what a protest on Wall Street is about. If you take the time to ask many of these protestors you will find they are more informed than most of us and they do know exactly why they are there.

First, they have had it with corporate greed corrupting our government and they want accountability on Wall Street. From President Clinton, Wall Street and the Republicans took a healthy economy and gave us 9 percent unemployment. They destroyed 20 percent of our national wealth in the course of 18 months from the middle of 2007, to the end of 2008, destroyed 20 percent of our national wealth accumulated over the course of two centuries.
And the result? Nobody`s been prosecuted for it. Nobody`s been indicted. Nobody`s been convicted.

The second reason the protestors protest is that Wall street and it's bought off government have created a system that is enormously unequal and the result of that is people are struggling to find a job to pay their bills, to pay their rent, to pay their credit card bills.
There are only five countries in the entire planet that are more unequal than the United States in the distribution of our wealth. That`s a system that Wall Street created, that Wall Street maintains, and that Wall Street enforces.

And the way that they enforce it is the third complaint. The third complaint is Wall Street controls and dominates our political system. One party is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wall Street and the other caters to Wall Street all too much.

Wall street received over 2.02 trillion dollars in bailout money from the political system (Republicans and Democrats) and what did they do? They spent much of it lobbying congress to water down the "punishment" of themselves (Wall Street) for their greed and corruption that brought down the nation and they succeded much under the cover of the Gulf oil spill of 2010. But frankly as agregious as that is it pails in comparison to what they did to the millions of Americans that suffered at the hands of their corruption. They, Wall Street, proceeded after receiving hundreds of billions in bailout money, to do all they could to lobby congress to hinder any help for the millions of Americans that needed help to avoid the foreclosure of their homes and for many losing their life savings. I will say it again, it is this one point that should have had protestors out in the streets back in the spring of 2010. Their presence then may have put the fire under congress to make Wall Street accountable but then many were not aware of the unscrupulous lobbying tactics being employed by Wall Street and most surely believed that after all we had been through congress would surely ignore the power of Wall Street influence and money and properly punish corruption. If there is not reason to protest here then there is no reason for you since you are probably an amoeba.

For over 20 years now Wall Street has made record profits with the top 1% of income earners rising from year to year but wages for employees increasing zero and upward mobility for Americans dropping at an alarming rate as we fall farther and farther behind other countries. So, people are in a situation right now where they feel that the system is completely unresponsive and they`re driven deeper and deeper into debt and misery.

The economy has been grossly mismanaged by Wall Street and by others and people see that Wall Street is running our economic policy. That big oil is determining our energy policy, and that the military industrial complex is determining our foreign policy and miring us in these endless costly wars.

And so what do the Wall Street protestors want? They want the frigg'in above situations rectified. They want integrity, honor, justice and fairness to be a working enliven part of our system again. They don't want to launch a coup and take over the government. They want their/our government to be responsive and correct the problems that have brought us to the pathetic place we are at.
Our government representatives know how to fix this, they just lack the spine. Consider the persistent Wall street protests a spine implant and take the chance of a lifetime.

Take this chance to stand and walk tall again.

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