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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Real Voter Fraud - Republican's Press For A Photo I.D.

Republicans in more than a dozen states have been knocking themselves out passing laws that make it harder for people to vote. It hasn't escaped notice that the voters most affected by these measures – from voter ID laws to restrictions on early voting – are Democrats. But no matter: Republicans deny they're waging a partisan "war on voting" – they say the new laws are needed to combat rampant voter fraud. That's the line laid down most recently by Florida Gov. Rick Scott to justify purging his state's voter rolls of alleged noncitizens. "When you go out to vote, you want to make sure that the other individuals that are voting have a right to vote."
But here's the thing: Not only is voter fraud not rampant – it's virtually nonexistent.

Across the nation Republican controlled states are passing restrictive voter photo ID laws failing to provide any serious evidence that in-person impersonation fraud -- the only misconduct that photo ID rules could possibly prevent -- is a problem, let alone one justifying the burdens of a restrictive photo ID rule.

Republican legislators cite reports of election problems but few if any of the sources cited shows proof of a vote that voter ID laws could prevent. In many cases not even one of the examples offered refers to a proven example of a single vote cast at the polls in someone else's name that could be stopped by a pollsite photo ID rule. Even including suspected but unproven reports of fraud, Republican states have uncovered remarkably little evidence of any misconduct that a photo voter ID could prevent.

With remarkably few reports, and next to no evidence, of pollsite impersonation fraud, Republican state legislators give hundreds of examples of election problems that could not possibly be solved by  laws requiring photo ID at the polls. These include allegations of ballot tampering by election officials, erroneous vote tallying, vote buying, voting by citizens rendered ineligible by conviction, registration by noncitizens, multiple voting in the voter’s own name, and absentee ballot fraud and mishandling. Often, when these allegations are investigated, they reveal not fraud, but rather mistake or administrative error. But even when these reports are accurate, the misconduct they describe could not possibly be prevented by photo voter ID laws.

Supporters of photo voter ID's also push false canards to exaggerate the perceived prevalence of the photo ID they require. They assert that photo ID is necessary for a great many activities, like renting a video or purchasing cigarettes, most of which are not constitutional rights guaranteed to every American citizen. In truth, the fact is that photo ID is not required for most activities. Photo ID helps a great many Americans navigate society, yes, but a great many eligible to vote citizens also get by without photo ID.

Until recently millions of eligible Americans could exercise their constitutional right to vote. Now, without undertaking an unnecessary and burdensome quest for the right documentation, they cannot.

In summation Republican state legislators have presented no evidence that impersonation fraud at the polls is a problem, or that the protections in place at the polls are inadequate to prevent it. Given the
demonstrated impact on the significant number of eligible citizens who lack the required documentation, there is simply no evidence justifying a photo ID requirement.

Here is the real thing--the evidence for passing voter photo ID laws is not there. Republican legislators across this nation are nevertheless trying to pass voter photo ID laws.  Republicans are wasting tax payers time and money in state houses working on a very unnecessary law. The crime the law is said to prevent is virtually non-existent but the law will keep millions of poor low income voters from voting, the ones most likely to vote Democratic.

- Brennan Center for Justice

The core motivation of Republican efforts to ban early voting and push voter I.D. laws in the face of the spirit of our constitution is nothing short of blatant deception, lies and cowardice in facing the day.

Passing a law where there is no reason to inhibit people's behavior is a waste of time and tax payers money and one would think criminal on some level. Passing a law where there is no reason to inhibit people's behavior while at the same time discouraging a fundamental absolutely necessary participatory action at the bedrock of our constitution amounts to deception, fraud and an attempt to throw our election. It should not be too much of a stretch to construe it as an act of treason against our constitution and all this is happening in full view before the eyes of the American people.
This should have been slammed down long ago and should never have been allowed in the first place without a clear slate of evidence showing significant multiple violations at the voting place. The suffering of this is beyond ludicrous.

If all angles are articulated correctly by the political players and media I don't know how the heart of this endeavor can beat another day or another second but the reality the electorate must deal with is the pathetic state of the Republican/Tea Party that cannot be shamed into maning up to any of their hypocritical or corrupt behavior.

As it has been for many years the Republican party has correctly been afraid they cannot win an election if all eligible people vote. Republican state legislature attempts to cut eligible voters out for political advantage is the real fraud and is essentially an attempt to throw elections.
The fraudulent Republican push for a voter photo ID is the real voter fraud.

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