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Monday, February 18, 2013

Russian Asteroid & Asteroid 2013 DA14 Probably One In The Same

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary explanations and the odds of the purported arrival of two completely different asteroids of such significance on the same day require extraordinary proof. I personally have seen the internet videos of an asteroid passing through space but what can we really tell. We all hear experts say there is no relation between the two and so the minds of many click over and say "Ok, they are not connected" and thats it. A kind of fear implanted in the mind turns you immediately off from being cast out or standing alone. You are safe now, you accepted the accepted conclusion that you must accept to stay aloft and credible in social circles. Whew! that was close wasn't it. Yea, you know they are separate totally unrelated events don't you. The problem is you believe it against great odds and I bet you're initial thought was they were very related.

The odds that the closest asteroid to ever pass by earth in recorded history and the only asteroid to enter our atmosphere causing this much damage in recorded history occuring at the same time is one in one hundred million and that's a conservative number.
I have little regard for trusting the human species to value the truth over what they are told to believe but that is going to be beside the point here.

I use the word probably in the title above because that is what I'am really looking at here. The probabilities of two outcomes. I'am going to explain what is the most likely actual event that occured here.

The love of money has moved many things in this life and that evidence is all over your world inside and out and in your face. You should not doubt the probability that the most agregious actions have been taken because of money and so there we begin with the more probable event.
You also know that your government and governments around the world have lied to their people. The financial power structure has lied to the people and on a grand scale even throwing tens of thousands of people into poverty. Tens of thousands of innocent people have died because our government falsified data and lied about WMD in Iraq. Our entire economy collapsed because the government and Wall Street lied to home buyers, lied about the need for regulations and lied about financial reform which is only a shell of what it should have been. We can go through every gate back to Watergate but you should full well know your government is fully capable of lying to your face and lying to your face on a grand scale.

So with the trustworthiness of your government and it's authorities put in it's proper place we can proceed but one note first - i'am not an anti-government ideologue as you will know if you read this blog nor do i engage in conspiracy theories on any kind of regular basis. I'am just a critical thinker looking for the truth. Let's proceed.

It is well understood that the damage inflicted by panic and chaos in the streets and in the world markets would dwarf any damage actually inflicted by a relatively small asteroid from space. CEO's, Wall Street banks and most of the establishment cannot afford such panic with a run on banks and a crashing stock market so it is in their interest that such panic not occur and more to the point they have the clout and influence to make it not occur. They avoid that occurence by lobbying the government to put in plan to not announce the impending impact of an asteroid especially if it can be intercepted by a missile in space that would blast it back out of a descending orbit. Juggling of the data so that the arrival of the asteroid appears to arrive later than it actually does should not be so difficult and the reason for that is a chance to destroy it or blast it back out into space and come up with an explantion later more consistent with the actual missile outcome.
Destroying the asteroid is of high priority but saving the global market and avoiding possible global economic collapse is front and center.

So what probably happened? What is most probable? The government, NASA and leaders of the relevent governments around the world suppressed the news of the impending asteroid impact and proceeded to destroy it before entering earth's orbit. The missile blew most of the asteroid(the size of half a football field) back out of orbit but fragments if it(in this case a fragment supposedly the size of a bus) blew off and into a different trajectory than the original asteroid and entered the airspace above Russia coming in on the new trajectory. The Russian government informed ahead of time prepared for this and intercepted the asteroid at an altitude of 20km destroying most of it resulting in a blast equal to 30 nuclear bombs( at bit hard to believe but thats another story). Other fragments of the explosion from the original missile contact in space probably dispersed over the pacific with the exception of the the fireball seen over San Francisco. Did you forget about the additional coincidental fireball over SF?

Frankly this is exactly what should happen should an asteroid be heading for earth. We would try and stop it with a missile and then any fragments of significant size would be intercepted later in a nations airspace.
On the internet if you got into a discussion about this and doubted in any way the accepted explanation of two separate events you were feverishly lambasted by certain posters as a lunatic or worse but I suspect the government has it's operatives out trying to squash anyone putting into others minds a challenging point of view. It was actually kind of crazy, like the resistance I got when opposing the Iraq war or especially back when resisting Reagan and the rightwing revolution that was forcing itself on all of us but again, none of this sceanrio is wacked out or fantastic, it is actually what you would expect to happen if in fact an asteroid was on a collision course with earth.

Yet I feel compelled to bow to the notion of the high probablility of independent verification of this asteroid event. Surely someone, somehow would come out and challenge it. Could all of that be suppressed? Of course I doubt it. If the only source of information was originally bottlenecked at a NASA satellite or observatory then maybe data could be cooked and I take it that these independent verifications saw the asteroid leave earths orbit and not just arrive. I see videos of the asteroid through the lens of the video. I cannot tell whether it is leaving or arriving to such a degree that I'am satisfied but again it is the plausiblity of independent verifications. Right now I have to trust them but the odds make it difficult.

So what probably happened, what was most probable apparently didn't happen. For me the odds of OUR government decieving us in the manner described above are much lower than one in one hundred million, much lower and much more probable. It is much easier for me to live with that scenario than to live with the odds of a once in a lifetime asteroid coming on the same day as another once in a lifetime asteroid and in the same week the Pope resigns an event in itself that turns out to be a once in a 600 year event.  Refer to my previous post.

I'm taking a break.

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